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Before installing your graphics, you will need paper towel, window cleaner, and masking tape.

The temperature of the surface you are applying the graphics should be above 50 degree Fahrenheit and below 90 degree Fahrenheit.

1. Clean surface thoroughly with window cleaner.

2. Wet surface with soapy water in a spray bottle (little bit of soap). Make sure the surface is a bit wet (spray a mist of the water on the spot); this will allow you to adjust the position of the graphic to suit your needs.

3. Remove backing from graphic and apply to surface.

4. Adjust position of the graphic and tape the top two ends of the graphic to the surface with masking tape to hold it in position.

5. Using a hard squeegee or computer diskette, smooth out any air bubbles in the graphic area from center out to edges. Be careful not to move the graphic in the process.

6. Finally, wait for everything to dry and then remove the transfer tape from the graphic slowly.


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