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Rocker Panel Decal Sheets...

You will receive 2-Pieces 6 logos each rocker panel

Our full door decals consists of a Max. of 6 logos of your choice in a horizontal line.  These logos can be of any *standard color you need. Choose the color below and add to cart. We will need total size of the decal as well. You will need to measure this size on your vehicle. With a measuring tape (careful not to scratch the paint) measure from rocker panel between the two tires. We will also need the height you would like the decals. 

 2 - Full Rocker Panel Decals $34.95

After your payment is made you will be forwarded to a page to enter the name of the 6 decals you listed and the color.  Enter them in the order you would like them to appear from the back tire to the front tire.


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