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Letter From Jordan Kelley:
October 13th, 2003 

Jordan Kelleys Green Beast "The Fast & Furious Fiero" traveled over two hours to attend the Annual Stratham Hill all car show in Stratham NH this weekend, and it amazingly took 2nd place! Jordans Fiero was up against some very stiff competition this year and I seriously didn't think his one of a kind green Fast and Furious Fiero even had a chance to place at all against the other awesome representations that were there. To take second place he even had to beat out a rare low 20K original miles all stock flawless black '88 mint GT Fiero and a drop down gorgeous mint red '84 SE Fiero that had won first place over 12+ other awesome Fieros in another show just a few weeks earlier. Jordan and I had added a few last minute touches on his Fiero over the past few days leading up to this show, including a set of DecalBoyz great hood logo decals to help make this already awesome looking car that much more incredible for the many voting show attendees. A huge thank you goes out to Barry at DecalBoyz for getting these great looking hood decals to my son and I just in time for the show and to help my son take a very impressive 2nd place trophy! 

DecalBoyz rocks!"

Thanks again

Steve...and Jordan :o)








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